A strong photograph lives long and serves many purposes. You can find the best photos of reindeer, husky dogs, Santa Claus, and much more as postcards here. Browse by clicking the image below. Order cards by adding them to your shopping cart. Do not forget to read a story about how each photo came to be.

Kaisa Sirén postikortteja

Buy my photographs in a high quality portfolio box, or printed on unbelievably soft reindeer leather and sewed into a pillow. Or get a scarf that will definitely be unique.

Art is a wonderful balance for photojournalism. In nature I find colors, lights and shapes that take my art towards abstraction. Buy a high quality printed photograph or a painting to bring joy to your home or office.

Over the years, my photo archive has expanded enormously. Its topics include winter and summer activities in Lapland, reindeer, seasons, and of course, the Santa Claus. My archived photographs count approximately 10,000 and are in the image bank of STT-Lehtikuva, Finland's biggest photo agency. 


In order to browse the archive, please contact me by phone 040 776-9706 or email kuva@kaisasiren.fi to discuss your needs and arrange access the the archive.

Joulupukin porotokka valokuva arkistokuva Kaisa Sirén

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