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As a photojournalist, I get to know many people and see many interesting places. Every photography assignment has specific challenges, be it a personality, light, surroundings, event, or capturing the moment. I photograph many portraits for media and I will not let myself off easy in any situation.

I find the best light and environment, and you can trust also that my commitment is to reveal the true personality of each subject. I am an experienced all-around photographer and my portfolio includes reportage and sports photos. I operate in Lapland. My press customers include A-Magazines, Helsingin Sanomat, Laakarilehti, Opettaja, Otava Media, STT-Lehtikuva, Tehy, Sairaanhoitaja, and Sanoma Media.

Each photograph has a story, you can read them by clicking the images. 

See more photographs in my other portfolios.

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