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About us

Freelancer photographer Kaisa Sirén Lapland
Kaisa Sirén

I am a photographer based in Rovaniemi and I operate in Lapland. I graduated with a photography degree in 1985 from the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in Toronto, Canada. After moving to Lapland, I worked many years in tourism with photography on hold. My work in tourism taught me the importance of professional ethics, entrepreneurship, and language skills. I also got to thoroughly know Lapland, its people and vast areas, and the best lights and sites for taking photos. I returned to professional photography in 2004 and offer all my skills to my customers' benefit.

Photography is my passion which I do not forget on my leisure time: with my dogs and cameras I head to the woods for recharging. My hobbies include running, pilates, and visual arts.


I am a member of The Finnish Association of Photojournalists and The Finnish Association of Journalists.


Phone: +358 40 776 9706 

Laura Haapamäki

My assistant Laura masters digital imagery and quickly prepares RAW-images for customers. She also understands well the requirements for printing technology and web publishing. Laura is a graphic designer by training, but she is also a photographer which makes it possible for both of us to be available for larger or special events.


Laura is from Southern Ostrobothnia. She runs also her own illustration business and her hobbies include art, horseback riding, and playing a video game


Phone: +358 40 149 7122

Photographer Kaisa Sirén at her studio Villa Vinkkeli
COntract me

• I know Lapland well, its landscapes, light, and people. 

• I am already in Lapland which saves you travel costs. 

• I can help you to find the right people to interview and a professional writer.

• I serve in Finnish, Swedish, German, French, English, Italian, and Spanish.


In my studio Villa Vinkkeli in Rovaniemi, I can take photos for marketing purposes as well as portraits.

Follow me in Facebook and Instagram


Please, contact me by email or phone +358 40-776-9706.

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Are you interested in creative photography?

I work together with ICMPhotoMag, a magazine about ICM photography (Intentional Camera Movement). We also have a membership community which offers plenty of inspiration, guides and challenges. Read more here.

Kaisa's photos and photography taste like life and are of highest quality. Collaboration with her is easy, professional, and  enjoyable. I recommend her services warmly.

- Johanna Oksanen, STT-Lehtikuva

Kari Väänänen lehtikuva Kaisa Sirén
Imetysrauhaa valokuva Kaisa Sirén
Arctic Warriors valokuva tuotekuva Kaisa Sirén

Kaisa Sirén's magnificient pictures are part of our Breastfeeding 2015-campaign. Kaisa has the skill to capture moments in nature and everyday domestic life with its emotions and atmospheres, expressed genuinely and naturally. Kaisa is a professional, easy to work with.

- Jaana Wikgren, Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters

We chose Kaisa to be our photographer because she truly

knows the North.

- Ilkka Kauppinen, Arctic Warriors  

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