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Creative Photography


I use a method called ICM, which means Intentional Camera Movement. With ICM it is possible to get very diverse results, but often the photos look like watercolor, impressionism or abstract expressionism. The method is rather difficult and requires lots of patience and repetition. Getting the same result twice is nearly impossible.


ICM photography is not accidental or careless swinging camera around. It is deliberate movement to get the desired result. However it is still full of surprises and the photographer can never have full control of the result. The light, movement, speed and exposure can have unexpected results.




My ICM exhibitions

Dancing My Nature


Rovaniemi, Finland 11/2021


Gallery Uusi Kipinä

Lahti, Finland 3/2019

and Gallery Kellokas Äkäslompolo, Finland 8-9/2020

Dream, Dusk, Daring

Studio&Gallery Villa Vinkkeli

Rovaniemi, Finland 6/2017

and Cityhotel Rovaniemi 6-9/2019

My ICM photos are also in use in several buildings, including the new Design Hotel Levi.

You can buy my photos from my online shop. You can also see more photos in Instagram.

ICM Photography Magazine

ICMPhotoMag is a first-of-its-kind e-magazine solely featuring ICM images, articles, reviews, interviews, tips, and tutorials, by ICM photographers and artists around the world, in a quarterly feature packed digital format. While there are a lot of photography e-magazines and websites out there that feature one-off articles about ICM in addition to all other photographic genres, as far as we can tell, there is not any other e-magazine solely dedicated to ICM photography. This exciting project fills that void and creates an outlet for those who dedicate their photographic pursuits, in full or in part, to the ICM technique.

I am proud to be one of the contributors to the magazine.


Read more here.

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Do you want to learn ICM photography?

Together with Morag Paterson and Stephanie Johnson I host an international ICM community online. Every two months we have a theme that members can work on. Me, Morag and Stephanie make materials related to the theme: articles, videos, tutorials from quest photographers, etc. We are not a workshop where everyone follows the same exercises. We are a community full of inspiration, support and growth. During these two months we have 3 sessions on Zoom. First is about introducing the theme, second is viewing and discussing members' theme related ICM photos, and last one is viewing more member photos and Q&A. We also have an online forum where members can share photos and get comments from others.

Read more and join us!
See examples here

Together with Stephanie and Morag I also organize short ICM workshops. We offer self learning online course that you can do whenever you want, an online workshop couple times every year, and locally at my studio Villa Vinkkeli in Rovaniemi, Finland also beginner workshops. To find out about upcoming workshops see, or follow me on Facebook

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