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Heat Wave 2

Heat Wave 2

We humans here on the planet Earth are consuming its natural resources with an accelerating speed. It has also made me think what I could recycle in photography. Digital photography as such consumes resources as new technology is being developed and manufactured. And therefore it is always advisable to think before buying new equipment. Even greater is consumption of inks and papers as prints are made. Therefore I have already a long time collected all test prints and reused them in art work. Heat Wave 1 and 2 are result of that and are made of pieces of teste prints newly arranged and glued to cellulose board. The cellulose is from the 2008 closed down Kemijärvi factory and its very last batch of board. The mood of the artwork is my comment to global warming.


The size of this artwork is 70x70 cm, and it was made in 2018.

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