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Dancing my Nature E book

Dancing my Nature E book

Price 14,95€. Includes 10% VAT.

Dancing my Nature is a collection of photographs of the unique beauty of the nature of Lapland. This book is a tribute to the connection between the people and nature of Lapland, and the northern light.

This book contains ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) photographs of the dance students of Lapland Music and Dance Institute in the nature.

Book details:

128 pages

86 beautiful images

28 cm x 21 cm, horizontal

Language: English

The E-book is in PDF format and you get two versions. One with facing pages, that looks more like the printed book, and is best viewed on computers. And another with single pages that is better for mobile devices.


"I am so inspired by your creativeness and enthusiasm. The Dancing My Nature images caused me to gasp with delight."

- Patricia

"Truly breathtaking and inspiring work Kaisa, I laughed, cried and everything in between. So much work behind this. Loved the idea of 8 seasons of Lapland and how you evolved natures, colours, movement, and human beings together in one."

- Rannsy

"Just got home and opened your book. What an amazing project !!! I particularly like the mixture of ICM and straight images.The book tells a story in a way that a series of images on social media never could."

- Robert

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