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I am Rovaniemi-based photojournalist who is also available for private events and photoshoots
From Lapland, a photographer of light

I can see light and know how to interpret it; that creates the photographic footprint you can recognize in my images. I photograph in Lapland during its dark hours and -40 degrees in the winter to the nightless nights in the summer

Good sense of situation

My customers commend me on my goods sense of situation and ability solve problems fast. I am able to get quickly onto the same wavelength with the subjects of my photography.

Fast Service

Over ten years of experience as a photojournalist have given me the confidence as a photographer. When you send me on an assignment, you will receive your images with the help of my assistant Laura expediently.

Ingenious solutions to challenges

I can go with you to the lovelies places in Lapland to take photographs of your most important travels and events.

Send me on an assignment!

Contact me on e-mail at or by phone +358 40 776 9706

to set up your photosession.

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